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did mortgage rates drop

The recent drop in mortgage rates may have you dreaming of buying a new home or refinancing. according to Bankrate’s latest survey of the country’s largest mortgage lenders on Monday. "We did not. Usually mortgage rates go up when short-term interest rates do, but after the Fed’s latest rate hike, the opposite is happening. We break down why.

Mortgage rates continue to drop – YouTube – U.S. weekly average mortgage rates as of February 7, 2019.. of homes and more consumer bargaining power than they did the last few years. millennials rush to close mortgages as rates hit 10-month low – down from 4.85% in February and the lowest rate since April 2018.

Mortgage applications to refinance a home loan rose 0.3% from the previous week and are 38% lower than the same week one year ago, when rates were lower. The refinance share of total applications did.

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Low interest rates are driving mortgage refinancing to its highest level in about. Should you wait longer in hopes that interest rates will drop even more, or lock in a rate and get started? If.

10 year Treasuries dropped below 2.7%, which had been the low end of our recent range. All in all, pricing for mortgage bonds gained about.25%, meaning higher lender credits or lower closing costs.

 · Bonds affect mortgage interest rates because they both appeal to investors who want a fixed return and low risk. Here’s how that works.. In 2012 and 2013, housing prices were rebounding from a 33 percent drop caused by the Great Recession. In many areas, prices doubled in just a year. That was the signal that many real estate investors sought.

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And because the 30-year fixed tends to follow the direction of the 10-year bond yield, both up and down, mortgage rates tend to decline when stocks fall. And mortgage rates generally rise when stocks go up. Stock Market Fear = Lower Mortgage Rates. Fear is good if you want a lower mortgage rate; Because if things are looking gloomy in the economy

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